Do hard things

“I can do hard things” is my new mantra for so many things, not just running.  I first read it on The Hungry Runner Girl.  Janae has been such an inspiration for me.  She’s the most amazingly positive and strong woman you will ever find!

It’s so simple, but it’s amazingly powerful.  This mantra helped me get through my tough 15 miler this past weekend every time one of those darn hills popped up.  I just repeated it over and over.  It helped me get through a tough tempo run last night.  It has helped me get through several other non-running related situations.  Every morning after I wake up and say a short prayer then I remind myself, “I can do hard things”.

On particularly rough days

When I’m going through a difficult time I try to remember to remind myself of all the difficult things in life I’ve been through; mentally, emotionally, and physically.  How many races have you run?  For goodness sakes, how many people run a 50 mile race??  It’s easy to look at races compared to personal struggles and think how easy a race is.  But how many people run a marathon in their lifetime?

This mantra helps me to remember all those difficult things that I have been through and conquered.  I remember that those things have made me a stronger person and if I can get through them, I can get through anything.

c.s. lewis.

Do you have any running/life mantras?

What do you do to help yourself get through a tough run?


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