Last Week Training Recap

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!  How’s you training going right now?

I’m doing Monica’s Pile On the Miles at RunEatRepeat and I’ve got to say I’m surprised at how motivating it is!

So here’s another week that doesn’t look like my typical training since I had other stuff going on.  I was even tempted to use the hotel gym on our road trip but that didn’t seem to happen and I didn’t want to stress myself out trying to figure out when I could fit it in.  I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made of not being so hard on myself and letting go of being Miss Perfectionist.

Monday – 10 mile progression run

Tuesday – 6 miles tempo run & weights

Wednesday – 10 miles easy

Thursday – 5 miles with Yasso 800’s & zumba class!

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – rest/travel days so no long run this week.

31 miles total

Sad to say since I had no long run this week I didn’t get to break out these babies yet.  😦

Every Monday I try to plan out my workouts for the week after I look at what I have going on.  So this week it’s time to get back on track!  I don’t have much going on so no excuses!

How was your training for last week? 

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your training?


2 thoughts on “Last Week Training Recap

  1. I’ve never technically, “trained” for anything so I am always open to some flexibility in my schedule. I definitely do take a look at the upcoming week and see what makes sense though!

    • You’re right! I like the flexibility of not really having a race I HAVE to train for right now especially when other things come up. Although having a plan that I make myself follow when I’m really training does help me to be more accountable. I tend to be a little ocd about following a plan though!

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