Staying Motivated When It’s So COLD!

Happy Wednesday!  We’re half way there!

Do you ever struggle with staying motivated through the winter months?

When I got up this morning it was a lovely 26°!  The thought crossed my mind about who might be out running bright and early in this frigid cold.  Granted I would be out there too if I had planned to.  The weather wouldn’t have held me back.  My trail run in the snow storm last year was one of my favorites!

BUT honestly I was glad I was in my warm bed (until I had to get up and go to work).  So it occurred to me how tough it is to stay motivated, especially as I find it hard to get my butt to the gym after work now that it’s getting colder and darker earlier now.  Some days I would rather go home and chill in my pj’s!  And not everyone is a big fan of Mr. Treadmill!

I wanted to share some things I do to keep myself motivated.

  1. Run in the morning to take advantage of that daylight!  Plus then you have the entire rest of the day to do other things like those last minute Christmas errands.
  2. Sign up for a race!  This is a big thing that keeps me motivated!  When I’m in “training mode” I jump in head first!  I’ve been eying a half next month and I can already tell that’s impacting my motivation.  It’s got me doing more speed work.  And I am not a fan.
  3. If you must run on the treadmill, do things to keep yourself distracted – cover up that screen and quit looking at the time and distance, listen to music, watch tv!  I’m almost done with Season 4 of Ugly Betty!
  4. Get new running gear!  This always makes me want to get out there and use it!
  5. Try to schedule at least one day where you can run outside.  I look forward to my Saturday long runs outside.  It’s kinda refreshing getting out there.
  6. Try to find some new routes instead of sticking to the same old routine.
  7. Tell yourself, “You’ll feel better after you get it done”!  It’s always true!

And remember keeping up with your workouts will help your waistline keep up with those holiday splurges so you won’t feel so bad when you’re eating your tenth sugar cookie of the day…

Janae at Hungry Runner Girl has some great tips for keeping warm during your run!

How do you keep motivated during the winter months?


6 thoughts on “Staying Motivated When It’s So COLD!

  1. A treadmill minute is the longest minute ever! LOL Signing up for a race totally works for me- I almost bailed on my 4-mile run yesterday, but I kept thinking ‘you won’t be ready for that Turkey Trot!! Better get your lazy @ss out there and run!’ 🙂

  2. I have been thinking how amazing I will feel when I’m done! Having only started running during the summer, most runs feel like an accomplishment for me. The other day me and Vicky congratulated ourselves for going for a run on a Saturday evening rather sitting in drinking wine. The other thought that go through my mind is, soon I will be in my warm flat. X

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