Running Holiday Breakfast and a Cookie Exchange

Wow today was crazy busy. If this day didn’t put me in the holiday spirit I don’t know what would!

I met my some of my running group at 7:00 for a run. We did 10 easy miles. Then we headed over to this lovely lady’s house for our annual running group holiday breakfast where the rest of our group was. They started at 6:30. Hey, those extra 30 minutes make a difference!

Afterwards I had to get ready for holiday party #2 – a Holiday Cookie Exchange! The red velvet white chocolate chip cookies turned out amazing! I’ll post the recipe soon!

These two dolls from my gym hosted the cookie exchange.
Check out the hot chocolate bar!

We did holiday trivia & guess who won. Well I tied with another girl. My competitivness came out. Then we did blindfolded gift wrapping. That was hilarious!

But we had a blast! Can you believe all the cookies??

What was your long run for today?

Did you have any holiday parties or outings today?


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