Back to the Gindstone & Cookie Suggestions

How did you guys enjoy getting back into the swing of things yesterday? About as much as I did, huh? Yeah… That moment when my alarm went off that I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing for 9 days was just glorious!

I admit, it is good to get back into some more structure during my day. Because, I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I don’t have structure during my day, my eating can get out of wack. You still feeling the Thanksgiving hangover too? Yes, Thanksgiving was four days ago, so I guess mine is more like vacation food hangover. So it’s time to get my butt back on track.

Especially since I have an actual race this Sunday!


I’m not sure if I’m nervous, excited, anxious, too comfortable with myself. Yes, all of the above. I’m not sure what to expect from myself or where to set my goal since I haven’t raced a half in a while. I’m too competitive to not push my goal but that could end up with me blowing up at some point in the race.

My run yesterday felt like I was working a little harder than I should. It was an easy 8 miles but that first mile was not fun. As long as I’ve been running that first mile is always a little… uncomfortable. But this one had a little something extra. Probably one too many cinnamon roll pancakes! But man were they good.

I’ve done my research on my previous half marathons and I think I have a plan for the week. I became pretty anal about my notes about my races. After seeing a sports nutritionist a couple years ago I learned a lot and one key thing she instilled in me was taking notes on my nutition, fueling, and race times. She had me create a notebook which has been priceless to have to look back on. I highly recommend it! I know what I ate and when I ate it on each race. That’s how I’ve found what works for me.

Ok, so I need some help! Cookie help! I’m going to my first Holiday Cookie Exchange next week and I just found out we have to have 6 dozen of one kind of cookie! I can’t make up my mind! I’ve pinned so many cookies on Pinterest! I need some help with some ideas. I’m allergic to nuts by the way.


How’s your running and/or workouts going lately?

What’s your favorite holiday cookie?


A Lazy Sunday, Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, & My Training

And some cinnamon roll pancakes! I thought, “hey, it’s my last day of vacation, gotta make me an awesome breakfast!” Do you ever make stuff you find on Pinterest and it doesn’t quite turn out how you expected? That was my breakfast. I’ve been drooling over these cinnamon roll pancakes for a while. But something was off, too much butter maybe cause the filling was a bit runny. So mine looked like this…


Sad but kinda funny, huh. They actually tasted amazing. I think I just have to work on my technique. 🙂


I spent the rest of my day watching movies on the couch preparing myself to get back to work tomorrow.

Running… my long run didn’t happen yesterday. We had a family crisis. Our family dog, really my mom’s dog was really sick. But hopefully he’s on the way to getting better. He’s the little brother I never had.


My long run didn’t happen today either. Between my gym being closed & no one to run with today it’s a wash. And I’m okay with that.

After hitting 46 miles last week, them down to a measley 8 miles this week between my injury & family stuff, I’m ready to get back on track. And my half marathon is next weekend. Hmmmm…. this week my goal is to get some easy runs & a bit of speed work in. Its been a couple years since I’ve tapered for a half. Ugh I should’ve done my research before now. So not like me…

For those of you that have been on vacation and gotta get up early and go back to work tomorrow, good luck! I feel your pain! I think one more week I would’ve been good.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Are you looking forward to getting back to work?

So I did it

I finally did it!  I’ve been stalking this half marathon for a couple of months now and I finally decided to sign up for it.  I had gone back and forth about it because it’s new and not many people had registered for it.  This will be my first race since April!  I haven’t gone that long without a race since before I started racing.  I have to admit it feels good to sign up for a race and have that competitive itch flare up again!  Now I feel like my runs have even more purpose and I need to push them a little harder.

I think the big part of it is, I like to train for a race.  I like to push myself every day to be better than I was the day before.  To get faster & stronger.  I love all of it!  The anxiety on race morning to the amazingly exhausted but proud feeling when you finish.  To me it’s kinda like Christmas morning… will Santa bring you a new PR and a “perfect” race?  Sounds a little weird, yes.  But that same anxious feeling I got when I was little when I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought.  I get that before a race!

I haven’t had that urge for a few months now.  I think I got pretty burnt out after my ultra in April.  I’m hoping this race will kick start my urge to race again.

I just counted up how many weeks I have… 3.  Yikes!  Thank goodness I’ve kept a solid base huh (I tell myself as a little panic starts to set in).  Eh, well it will be good to race again.  PR or no PR.

Do you like to train for races?

What’s your next race?