Top Ten Thursday #3 on Tuesday

Finally it’s back. I know it’s been a while. And I know it’s not Thursday (although I wish it was). I decided to change from Thursday to Tuesdays because I want to start doing Running With Spoon’s Thinking Out Loud Thursdays. Well let’s get on with it!

1. After today I have two days until my vacation starts!!!! And it lasts all the way until January 2nd! What am I gonna do with myself? I see myself becoming a lazy running bum in my future! Sounds good to me!

image2. It’s been so cold at work! Then again it’s always cold there. Colder than outside. I swear they have the air conditioning on! So I’ve had to pull out my wrist warmers my mom made me last year. She’s a knitting fiend lol!

image3. Orly’s “You’re Blushing” nail polish. It’s a mix between gray & lavender. I like it ok. Just not my fav.

image4. ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas! I will watch Christmas shows over and over and over as long as they’re on TV. I even DVR’d National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation so I could do just that! My sister does the same thing. Watching Christmas moves we’ve watched 500 times before never gets old.

5. My massage I’m getting this afternoon!. A massage after a race is priceless! Although sometimes painful 🙂 But mostly priceless. I get one every three weeks. That’s what I do for myself. I don’t get my nails done or go shopping a lot. I’ve been seeing the most amazing woman for my massages for the past three years. She can find knots or issues before they get bad enough for me to feel them.

6. GU gels in Salted Caramel. I love GUI’s seasonal flavors and this has to be my new favorite. I wish they had them all year round!

7. My new Brook’s Versatile shorts. They worked great on my race last Sunday! No chaffing even with the rain! The only thing I can say I missed in my tempo shorts was the little key pocket they have. The Brook’s shorts don’t have one. They had pockets in the front kinda like jeans, but I was afraid it would fall out.

8. All the holiday baking recipes on Pinterest. Where do people find all the time to bake all these things?? The better question is, what do they do with all of them? When I was little my mom used to bake all kinds of goodies and give them away as gifts. But that’s my problem. I have to taste everything and “taste” it more than once then I have trouble giving them away. I have no self control if there is something sweet in the house. Then I gotta run more, which makes you more hungry. Ugh. It’s an endless cycle! And I can’t stop pinning all these things I want to eat…

9. Trader Joe’s Cocoa Drizzled Kettle Korn. This is good and bad cause I could sit there and eat the whole bag before I even noticed! I ate a little over half after my race Sunday! I’m a sucker for kettle korn but with chocolate – ugh. Walmart had flavored kettle korn last year with white & dark chocolate but I can’t find it this year. I thought this would be a Christmas without chocolate kettle korn until I went to TJ’s Saturday!

10. My new Christmas wreath my mom made me. I can’t wait to go get it to put it on my front door!


What are some of your top favs this week?

What do you do for yourself?


Sixth Time’s the Charm

Sorry about that prematurely published post before!

Anywho… it’s good to be back! It’s vacation time, almost Turkey Day. Can it get any better? Well… maybe a little better.  I’ll start from the beginning

Last week was super crazy trying to get a lot of work done before my vacation this week. So that’s why I’ve been quiet in the blog world. Since its my first week off well year it was a long time coming. I like to save a lot of vacation for the holidays which is great when the time finally comes.

So fast forward to my long run this Saturday.  18 miles was the plan.  I set off with five other awesome ladies.  We get to an area that is all too familiar to me….  picture that blurry flashback effect from tv.


Just to clarify, I’m c.l.u.m.s.y.  Sometimes Good Luck Chuck clumsy.  August 2012 my first fall in years while I’m running happened.  I skinned my knee like you did when you were five years old. So between August and March 2013 I fell a total of five times. All but one of those happened in the same area. Broken sidewalk & me not picking up my feet high enough. All with the classic superman form. The last fall in March was the worst. After each of these falls I kept running on it. I never cut a run short. Even when I should have. My adrenalin was going so I didn’t really feel the pain until I stopped running. Except that last fall.  It was swollen & messy.  I felt the pain towards the end of the run. I took a few days off, tried running again & I was good. I ran a marathon the next weekend.

A couple months later that knee was tender & had a knot on my knee cap so I had it checked out before I started to ramp up my running again. Come to find out I have a patellar retinacular tare, basically scar tissue that can occur when you have a dislocated knee cap. Yeah… so I ran a marathon after dislocating my knee cap. That was a wake up call. Runners are pretty hardheaded.  My doctor was more concerned about the amount of times I had fallen. He did some neurological tests which were normal. Needless to day if I continued to fall my knees would get bad.

8 months later I hadn’t fallen once!  Now back to last Saturday, only 4 miles in.  I guess I got too comfortable, talking & not paying attention.  I did my classic superman move. Both knees took the force, and my hands.  I finished my 18, went straight home , iced up.

The aftermath

The aftermath

Sorry to do that to you.  Those were some swollen knees!

So I’ve taken the past three days off since it still swells when I’m on it for a while.  I dont think I’ll be running that path any more.

I’m enjoying sleeping late, baking, & relaxing. I do get some exercise guilt but it doesn’t last long. I plan to lace up Friday so we’ll see how that goes.

I made this awesome peanut butter banana bread I found on Pinterest. Some chocolate chips would’ve been great but I didn’t have any.:(


Then I made some french toast with that banana bread for breakfast.  Oh yes I did!


Thanksgiving prep is in full effect. Got my Honeybaked Ham Store turkey breast.  They’re sooo good.  So I’ve got some cooking to do!

Have you fallen while running?

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving?