Some Tree Decorating and Shopping

So last night I finally pulled out my Christmas tree to try to get into some Christmas spirit. I should’ve know once I saw those lights glowing in the dark something would spark inside me.
I had DVR’d National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – my all time favorite Christmas movie. So I put that on and got to work. Yes, it’s a fake one and pre-lit (although I add even more lights). The real ones smell great and look pretty and all that. But they can be messy and then you gotta water them. I don’t want to tell you how many house plants I’ve put to death. In no way did I inherit my mom’s green thumb.

I fixed me some TJ’s kettle corn and got to work. Aaaaahhhhhh…. imagine that music playing in Christmas Vacation when they find the Griswald family Christmas tree. Umm kay?

Silver and gold. I think about branching out and switching up the color every now but buying a whole new set of ornaments when you already have a good set is something I’m still wresting with.

So today I realized, tomorrow is my last day of work until next year. So tomorrow is the last day I will be seeing the lovely people who have the honor of getting a gift from me…. And of course, I haven’t started any Christmas shopping. I mean I just put the tree up for goodness sakes! So my lunch break was spent going to one of my new favorite stores everrrr!

A friend of mine told me about this great store, Charming Charlies. Have been there??? I could have spent all afternoon there, much less my lunch hour!! They have the cutest accessories in any color you could think of! And it was huge! So I bought a gift for one friend, got something for me. Bought a gift for another friend, got something for me. You see where this is going? Yeeeahhh….. Maybe not such a good idea after all. But I got these amazing scarves for 2 for $10! I say that’s a pretty good score!

Have you decorated your tree yet?

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?