Oh helllooooo…..

Hi there!  My name is Meredith… It’s nice to meet you! Ok this is a little awkward.  Where do I start.  I’m not officially training for anything at the moment.  I am doing my best to keep a good solid base while I decide what I want to do next.  I have a few things in my sights.  I just have to decide which ones.  I’m hoping that base will help me to loose a couple pounds that seemed to have snuck up on me recently.  Apparently you can’t “run from a bad diet”.  I tend to be more strict about my diet when I’m training and since I’m not officially training for anything the reins tend to be a bit loose when something chocolate comes around.

The past few months I’ve been trying to add more weight training to my routine.  After my first ultra in April, I decided I needed something different.  I completed Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer and loved it!  Lifting was a whole new world to me.  I got different results from my body during this program than from running.  But I didn’t have a plan after it was over and when I don’t have a plan… lets just say the results didn’t exactly stick.  So since then I’ve been pretty conflicted in my goals.

Do I want to run?


Do I want to lift… heavy?


I love them both!  I’ve been trying both the past couple of weeks and running with sore legs from lifting isn’t exactly the best way to do it.  I imagine I’ve somehow been lucky enough to avoid injury so far.  Then there’s the issue of diet… most lifters don’t eat carbs like endurance runners do.  So I tried the whole cutting my carbs thing.  Being the genius that I am I went out to do a long run and we all know what happened then.  Let’s just say that run didn’t end well.  It was a wake up call.  I love to run.  Running has always been my thing.  I’m sure all my running hinders some of the muscle growth I’m trying to get by lifting. So where does that leave me?  That leaves me running and lifting – just not crazy lifting like I was doing.  Although completing 130lb deadlifts was a big deal for me (just couldn’t run the next day… or sit without looking like an old woman).  Right now I can’t do both and I’m okay with that.  Running is a constant in my life that I need.  When everything else is out of control, I know I can run and that run is mine and no one else.