So I did it

I finally did it!  I’ve been stalking this half marathon for a couple of months now and I finally decided to sign up for it.  I had gone back and forth about it because it’s new and not many people had registered for it.  This will be my first race since April!  I haven’t gone that long without a race since before I started racing.  I have to admit it feels good to sign up for a race and have that competitive itch flare up again!  Now I feel like my runs have even more purpose and I need to push them a little harder.

I think the big part of it is, I like to train for a race.  I like to push myself every day to be better than I was the day before.  To get faster & stronger.  I love all of it!  The anxiety on race morning to the amazingly exhausted but proud feeling when you finish.  To me it’s kinda like Christmas morning… will Santa bring you a new PR and a “perfect” race?  Sounds a little weird, yes.  But that same anxious feeling I got when I was little when I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought.  I get that before a race!

I haven’t had that urge for a few months now.  I think I got pretty burnt out after my ultra in April.  I’m hoping this race will kick start my urge to race again.

I just counted up how many weeks I have… 3.  Yikes!  Thank goodness I’ve kept a solid base huh (I tell myself as a little panic starts to set in).  Eh, well it will be good to race again.  PR or no PR.

Do you like to train for races?

What’s your next race?