Best Running Partner Ever

Do you ever run with people and you aren’t quite the same pace?  You’re trying to keep up or you feel like you’re being held back?

It can be hard to find someone who runs at the same pace as you.  It can be even harder to find someone who does that yet pushes you to go faster at times or has no problem going slower with you on tough days.  And even harder to find someone who has the same thirst as you to get that next PR or to get her BQ.  But when you do… it’s like magic.

Someone who understands the same craziness, borderline obsession you feel about running.  You can talk about running all day long or you can talk to them about the drama going on in your life.

She’s always there to meet you for a run or listen to you pour your heart out to her while you pound away those miles.  She’s there to go through a run in quiet and listen to your feet hit the pavement in line with hers.  She’s there to push you to run harder and to be your best.  She’s there to run a lap of an ultra marathon with you and help you keep your sanity.

I have one of those and I am so blessed to have found her.  But she’s more than a running partner, she’s an amazing friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her.  I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday to the best friend and running partner anyone could have.  Thank you for always being there.